Eli Willner

  Visionary, customer-focused senior level manager skilled at directing and implementing large-scale projects on schedule and within budget, leading and mentoring high performance teams, and overseeing the management of the entire IT Infrastructure for an enterprise. Experienced at startups and integrating new technologies to enable business solutions as well as possessing an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their commercial application. Possesses excellent organizational and communication skills and interacts well with clients, vendors, staff and all levels of management. Published author.

Specialist in electronic publishing, data conversion, business process outsourcing. Works extensively in offshore outsourcing.

Phone: 212-461-1745 x5650

Additional capabilities in:

Planning Managing Budgets Project Management Change Management Problem Solving Negotiations Performance Management Vendor Management Customer Service

▪  Founder and President, Trebuchet Outsourcing Services
▪  President and Chief Technology Officer, Green Point Technology Services
▪  Associate Vice President, Project Analysis, Innodata Corporation
▪  Chief Technologist, Barnes & Noble Digital Content Division
▪  Director of Technology, Data Conversion Laboratory
▪  Vice President, Research and Development, Pecan Software Systems, Inc.
▪  Chairman, SGML/XML Forum of New York
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